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Russia in 2015/16 MY to export the record grain volumes

In 2015/16 MY, Russia to reach the absolute record in grain exports, supplying nearly 34.5 mln tonnes of the commodities on foreign markets, declared the President of Russian Grain Union, Arkadiy Zlochevskiy on April 22. In particular, wheat will form 24.4 mln tonnes in the structure of grain exports, and the share of corn will…


Kazakhstan planted spring grains throughout nearly 360 thsd ha

Agrarians of 5 oblasts of Kazakhstan planted spring grains throughout the areas of 362.2 thsd ha, or 14.2% of the plan, reported the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan on April 22. In addition, 3 oblasts planted corn for grain throughout 5.1 thsd ha (3.75%). Also, 4 oblasts planted oilseeds throughout 164.7 thsd ha (18.2%). (apk-inform.com)


Bulgaria: Increased temperature accelerated crops development

Increased temperature regime in Bulgaria accelerated crops development. Moisture supply in 50 cm and 100 cm soil layer is sufficient, in addition, at the end of last week precipitations are expected in the country that will have a positive effect on the initial stage of spring crops vegetation. Stem formation stage is observed in winter…


Нигерия распечатает стратегические запасы пшеницы

Как заявил президент Нигерии Мохаммаду Бухари, 10 тыс. т зерна из стратегических запасов будут выпущены на внутренний рынок, чтобы сдержать рост цен на продукты питания. После обвала цен на нефть стране грозит самый серьезный экономический кризис за последние десятилетия. В марте инфляция выросла почти до самого высокого уровня за последние четыре года – 12,8%, главным…