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Продукты питания и пищевая промышленность Украины и мира

Продукты питания и пищевая промышленность Украины и мира

Это чисто информационный ресурс. Мы не продаем и не покупаем продукты питания и продукцию пищевой промышленности, мы только сводим продавцов и покупателей на нашей странице в Интернете. Вы можете разместить свое сообщение на нашей странице “Объявления” https://ukrprod.dp.ua/obyavleniya совершенно БЕСПЛАТНО.

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Украина: Виноделы жалуются на трудности конкуренции с виноделами Евросоюза

Украинские виноделы ощущают усиление конкуренции со стороны европейских производителей после подписания Соглашения о зоне свободной торговли с ЕС. Об этом сообщила генеральный директор Торгового дома “Инкерман” Анна Горкун. “В ЕС вообще отсутствует акциз на вино – у них оно считается продуктом питания. К тому же в Украине с каждым годом в рамках Соглашения о зоне…


Ukraine planted early spring grains throughout 2.4 mln ha – Ministry of Agrarian Policy

As of April 26, Ukrainian agrarians planted early spring grains throughout the areas of 2.378 mln ha, or 99% of the plan, an increase of 300 thsd ha compared with the same date last year, declared the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine. In particular, agrarians planted spring barley throughout the areas of…


The new Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Taras Kutovyi announced that organic is a priority for Ukraine

“Farms occupy 73% of general structure of total agricultural production, but in terms of money unfortunately they form less than 8%. United communities will be rich and self-sufficient when the money is provided to them. Farming can help with that. But they need to find niches. A farmer will never be more competitive than an…


Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine to actively apply the best agrarian practices of the USA and European countries

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine considers that establishment of prospective international experience, primarily the US and European ones, is one of the primary objectives to be solved in the Ukrainian agriculture, declared the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Taras Kutovyi. According to him, the first component of the reform should…


Efficiency of the agricultural complex of Ukraine is one of the major priorities for the Cabinet of Ministers

Improving the efficiency of the agricultural sector of Ukraine will be one of the major priorities for new composition of the Cabinet of Ministers, said the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Volodymyr Groysman. According to him, it is referred to more effective support for small-scale farming enterprises, as well as small and medium-scale agricultural businesses. Special…


Ukraine exported over 33 mln tonnes of grains – Ministry of Agrarian Policy

Since the beginning of 2015/16 MY, and as of April 27, Ukraine exported 33.3 mln tonnes of grains, declared the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine. In particular, wheat exports totaled nearly 14 mln tonnes, corn – 15 mln tonnes, and barley – 4.1 mln tonnes. In addition, the export volumes of flour…


Ukraine: Inkerman trade house seeks to almost triple sparkling wine sales in 2016

Inkerman Trade House LLC (Kyiv), a Ukrainian division of Inkerman International, seeks to boost sparkling wine sales by 2.8 times in 2016, to 2.2 million bottles. “We seek to boost production of sparkling wine from 800,000 bottles last year to 2.2 million bottles. We think that these ambitious goals are realizable: demand on our products…


Ukraine: Corn starch production increased by 40%

Corn starch production continues to increase in Ukraine. During first three month of 2016 Ukraine produced 14.36 KMT of corn starch, which is 39% more than over the same period of last year – 10.34 KMT. Along with this corn starch exports increase even faster. Over the first half of the season (October-March) Ukraine exported…


Russia can resume agricultural import from Turkey

However, the ministry didn’t specify the time of resuming the import of Turkish agricultural products to Russia. Ankara and Moscow discussed this issue Apr.27 during the visit of a delegation from Turkey’s Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock to Russia. Relations between Russia and Turkey deteriorated after the incident with Russian SU-24 bomber. Following the…


Russia becomes global leader of wheat export – agriculture minister

Russia has become the global leader of wheat export and outrun Canada and the United States, Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev said on Thursday. Russia will export about 25 mln tonnes of wheat in this agricultural year, the Minister added. “The wheat export figure [is] about 25 mln tonnes. We have become the global leaders…